With Ray Diana Painting, you receive a free paint color consultation for the asking.  In the Hebron area, many owners of older homes want to redecorate with paint.  For a historic property, you may need expert guidance. For others, often the furnishings within the room dictate your paint color preferences. Your color scheme can enhance the character of the room. For very small or very large rooms, though, the color you select can change how you perceive size and depth.

Unless you have a great deal of experience in design, you may not know which colors look best for which spaces and how to make them all work together. For instance, did you know that the color purple can make a space look smaller? The quality of natural light and the type of artificial lighting used in a room make paint and fabric colors look different. That’s why we at Ray Diana Painting, LLC offer a free color consultation with every interior paint job: so you can get the colors you crave in the places they’ll look best. Call today: 860-966-4565.

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